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EAV presents EAVan delivery Pedelec

Reprint from the Electrive   The English startup EAV (Electric Assisted Vehicles) has presented the EAVan, a covered, four-wheeled and modular delivery vehicle with pedelec drive. There is already a first customer. Similar to the Citkar Loadster or the Ono, the EAVan is essentially an electric cargo bike with four …

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Reprint from LTA Singapore WHY IS THE ADOPTION OF A DEVICE SAFETY STANDARD NECESSARY? The number of fires caused by motorised PMDs has increased in the past few years, with more than 90 fire incidents involving PMDs since 2016. As PMDs only started gaining popularity in recent years, many of …

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Solowheel’s latest innovation is (daft as) a brush

In surely the tech innovation of the year so far, the team behind the Solowheel electric unicycle has unveiled a learning aid that sweeps away all competition. The Solowheel Brush deploys large brushes where you might expect trainer wheels, providing similar stability but without inhibiting steering. “Although many people have switched from …

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