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Solowheel’s latest innovation is (daft as) a brush

In surely the tech innovation of the year so far, the team behind the Solowheel electric unicycle has unveiled a learning aid that sweeps away all competition. The Solowheel Brush deploys large brushes where you might expect trainer wheels, providing similar stability but without inhibiting steering. “Although many people have switched from …

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Full Highlights of the 2017 Qingdago Self Balancing Scooter Competition – China International Consumer Electronics Fair (SINOCES)

The Guangdong Electric Vehicle Association and the China International Consumer Electronics Expo present the 2017 Qingado Self Balancing Games. Manufacturers, designers and enthusiast from all across China were at the Qingado International Exhibition Centre as teams battle to win a series of different games using their Self Balancing Scooter. If …

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