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Mercedes-Benz quietly enters the e-scooter market

Reprint from The Verge   Mercedes-Benz is known for being a pioneer in the world of automobiles, but until now, it hadn’t ventured into the world of two-wheeled electric scooters. That will change, though, as the company very quietly announced a two-wheeler at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show last week. Stuffed inside …

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6 carmakers that are betting electric scooters and bikes — not cars — are the future of city transportation

Reprint from Business Insider Volkswagen’s line of mobility concepts. Carmakers are investing in electric portable mobility transportation by creating either concepts or full-blown new products, including e-bikes and e-scooters, at an increasing pace. While concept micro-mobility ideas like Volkswagen’s scooters have an uncertain path to production, others, such as Peugeot, …

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Europe’s Cobbled Streets Are Breaking Scooters

Reprint from Bloomberg   Electric scooter startups have been grappling with an unexpected problem that’s laying waste to the two-wheeled vehicles: Europe’s cobbled streets. Scooter companies have rapidly expanded across the continent, targeting tourist spots such as Paris and Lisbon, raising hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital funding …

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Dashboard OSD Data Display for Xiaomi Mijia M365 Screen

Recently, we have received lots of client enquired about Xiaomi M365 Digital display. So we have contacted our supplier to make a OEM screen for us. Let’s show it. Functions: The % of battery charge Current power consumption Today’s distance Speed without engine running Battery temperature When you drive forward …

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