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Electric-assist DryCycle gets cyclists out of the rain

Although commuting by bicycle certainly is good for one’s self and the environment, there are days when it’s just too wet or too cold. It’s on just such days, though, that the four-wheeled, fully-enclosed, motor-assisted DryCycle is intended to really shine.  Designed by British cyclist and entrepreneur Andy Murphy, the …

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How to buy an e-bike suitable for you ?

It’s interesting to me how many blogs have done articles on how to buy ebikes, but frequently their articles highlight a bunch of different ebikes that are almost always boring low-end geared-hub underpowered ebikes. I’m not sure if these authors have ridden the bikes they are promoting or if they …

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Here are 3 tips to make your disc brake more durable

Some of the high-end personal transporters are often equipped with a disc brake system in order to achieve better braking effect. So how much do you know about the disc brake? How to deal with and maintain the common small problem of disc brakes? What you must know about the …

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Why your next car is a bike

On the window of a bike shop in Copenhagen, a sign reads: Your next car is a bike. More than 62% of Copenhageners cycle to work in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, and the municipality is actively investing in new bike lanes and green light waves to allow …

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Women Are Better And Safer Drivers Than Men, Study Finds

Contrary to the sexist stereotype, it seems women are actually better drivers than men, according to a new study. It found that of 539,000 people convicted of breaking the law on roads in England and Wales in 2018, 79 percent were men. Women are better drivers than men, a study has found. Credit: Pixabay Almost a …

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