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Dutch EV is more than an ebike, less than a car

The LEF is priced at €4,380 (about US$5,309)
EV Mobility

For people who mainly make short trips around town, a full-on electric car may be more than they need, while an ebike isn’t enough. It was with such folks in mind that the three-wheeled, fully-enclosed LEF electric vehicle was created.

Designed by Erik Vegt and Dave Goudeket, who lead up Dutch company EV Mobility, the LEF has actually been around for about three years. That said, it’s still not well heard-of outside of the Netherlands, which is currently the only country where it’s nationally approved for use on public roads.

The LEF’s makers state that its canopy can be opened to keep the cabin from fogging or overheating
EV Mobility

It’s propelled by a 1,000-watt motor in one of its rear wheels, which is in turn powered by a 10-Ah/48-volt lithium battery. That battery can be charged from a household electrical outlet, with one charge reportedly being good for a range of about 30 km (19 miles). Buyers can double or triple that range by opting for a 20-Ah or 30-Ah battery.

The LEF’s main body is made of recyclable polyethylene, with the whole vehicle reportedly tipping the scales at 90 kg (198 lb). It can handle a maximum payload of 200 kg (441 lb).

Accessing the storage area behind the LEF’s seat

Some of its other features include an LCD screen that displays data such as charge level, speed, and distance travelled; front and rear LED lighting, including turn indicators; a USB port for charging smartphones; plus a 50-liter (13-gal) cargo area behind the seat back, which folds forward for access. Optional extras include a set of side mirrors and an electric windshield wiper.

The LEF is priced starting at €4,380 (about US$5,309), and is available in seven colors. No driver’s license is required (in the Netherlands, at least), but drivers must be at least 16 years old.

You can see it in action, in the video below.

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