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Scooters charge and explode at home, how can lithium battery products be used safely?

In 2018, a video in which a charing e-scooter exploded at home, aroused every one’s awareness of the safety of the personal transporter.

We can learn from the video that a man put the electric scooter in the living room to charge, and suddenly it became squeaky and battery part went smoking. The man ran quickly to cut off the charging and ran away with his daughter and the dog. In less than a few seconds, the smoke became bigger and bigger. Then an explosion occurred.

From the video we can not judge the source of the electric scooter, but as a user of lithium battery products, we need to understand the safety knowledge of some products used:

Purchase branded products, eliminating poor quality ones from the source:

1. When selecting products with lithium battery, such as hoverboards, electric scooters, e-bikes and other new personal transporter with wheels containing lithium batteries, remember to choose safe and secure, well-known big brands instead of focusing merely on the low price.

2. Check the product itself or the charger for a secure certification. General formal brand products, products themselves and accessories (chargers) will have corresponding safety certification standard, such as 3C, UL and so on. Regular products have protection systems on the battery pack and charger, including protection for overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, etc. If the product or charger has a rough appearance, simplistic labels, or even no manufacturer‘s name, such products should not be in your consideration.

3. It is best to learn more about the relevant brands through different channels (such as Wheelive.net, Google, Electrek, Electrive etc.) before purchasing. Sometimes, the high sales in the e-commerce platform may doesn’t mean it’s a reliable products.

Several recommendations for the safe use of lithium battery products:

After purchasing a regular brand of lithium-ion products, it is not 100% safe due to factors such as the environment and usage. Learn about some safe ways to minimize risk.

1. It’s always recommended to read the product manual before use. Generally, the regular brand will have complete safety precautions in the manual. These precautions are not groundless, but are obtained through multiple safety tests.

2. Safe charging. Most of the lithium battery fire accidents occur during charging. Try not to charge indoors and avoid overnight charging. It is best to have someone next to it when charging.

3. Keep them away from water and avoid using or charging in a humid environment. Electronic products should be kept away from water as much as possible.

4. Be sure to charge with the original charger. Users who have purchased hoverboard, electric scooters and other products know that most of the lithium battery products have similar charging ports. Many users mistakenly think that the charging ports are compatible. In fact, the voltage and current are different from each other. Charging with a wrong charger is prone to accidents.

5. If the accident unfortunately occurred, cut off the charging power as soon as possible and remover the product outdoors under the condition of safety, and use water-based fire extinguishing agent or sand to put out the fire.

6. A US-based study found that lithium battery fires are essentially caused by thermal runaway, and cooling in fire suppression is a key point. For the lithium battery of portable equipment, the screening experiment results show that the water-based fire extinguishing agent has the best cooling effect, and the gas and dry powder fire extinguishing agent have poor effect.

7. If the lithium battery is not used for a long time, it is best to charge it once every 3 months to maintain the activity of lithium ions in the battery. It may lead damage to the battery which hasn’t charged for more than 1 year.

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