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Here are 3 tips to make your disc brake more durable

Some of the high-end personal transporters are often equipped with a disc brake system in order to achieve better braking effect. So how much do you know about the disc brake? How to deal with and maintain the common small problem of disc brakes?

What you must know about the disc brake

The disc brake is composed of a brake disc connected to the wheel and the brake caliper at the edge of the disc, the brake principle is to use the external force to push the brake block to clamp the brake disc to produce a braking effect.

According to the way of how the disc is turned, the disc brake can be divided into two types: the oil-pressure disc brake and the wire pull-up disc brake.

Oil pressure disc brake uses brake oil as the transmission material, giving force to the brake and release the piston compression fluid inside, then the pressure from the oil pipe go through the caliper, thereby pushing the piston inside the caliper, driving the brake pad clamp the disc.

The advantage of oil pressure disc brake is that the transmission process can produce the least loss of power, that is, achieving a large brake effect with very easy force. The downside, however, is that the sealing and integrity of the brake oil needs to be maintained, which is complex.

The wire pull disc brake uses the pull of the brake line to rub the brake pads inside the caliper (to make the disc) and clamp the disc, resulting in a braking effect. This is very similar to the V-type brakes used on bicycles, which use brake lines to brake.

However, compared to the oil pressure type, due to the length of the line itself, elasticity, and shell friction and other factors, and the loss of brake force, the wire pull disc brake is less sufficient. The structure of the wire pull disc brake is relatively simple, the brake weakening situation during the operation can be easily solved by replacing the brake line and maintaining the brake line in the online tube of the run, it is relatively easy to maintain.

Most of the booster bicycles and electric scooters will use the wire pull disc brake, mainly due to the performance of the disc brake is relatively good, simple maintenance, cost-effective, suitable for most models. In several common brakes, the performance of the disc brake is also at the forefront.

Common problems on disc brakes

Although the disc brake is a cost-effective brake, it could get malfunction. And according to some of the feedbacks on electric scooters, we summed up several common problems in daily use.

1. The disc brake is too tight or too loose

One of the most common problems, is about the over-tight or over-loose of the brake line. It it’s too tight, it will lead to excessive riding resistance; on the other hand, if it’s too loose brake would have no effect.

The solution is also very simple, by adjusting the knob between the brake handle and brake wire, you can adjust the disc brake tightness. Turn counterclockwise to tighten the brake line and turn clockwise to loosen it.

2. Noise from friction caused by the disc and the wheel

This situation comes from no more than two reasons, either the disc installation is not in place to touch the brake pads or the disc deformation caused by friction.

In the former situation, you need to adjust the position of the disc, by adjusting the disc fixing screw to adjust the distance between the disc and the brake pads, and if it’s the latter, it needs to replace the disc to avoid damage to other components.

3. After a period of use, the brake seems ineffective

As in the above case(The disc brake either makes noise or has no effect when conduct braking), if it is confirmed that the brake line is not loose, there is a great possibility that the brake pads or brake line has been wore, check both components and replace the corresponding components so it can be restored to normal use.

How to maintain electric PMD with disc brakes in every-day use?

1. Develop good riding habits

Many users prefer emergency brakes, a habit that is bad for both the user’s own safety and the braking system. Because the effect of the disc brake is sensitive, it is easy to lock the tire, in this case the user is prone to lose balance and fall; for brake pads, frequent emergency brakes can lead to excessive wear, it becomes very dangerous when you need the emergency braking but the brake pads fail. Therefore, when using the brakes should develop good habits, riding speed should not be too fast, reduce the number of emergency brakes, conduct a brake as slowly as possible.

2. Regularly check and replace the brake lines and brake pads

Because the brake cords lose their elasticity or wear due to long-term operation, the brake pads (also known as the toss) are one of the components that are prone to wear. So to check the situation of these two components regularly, generally in the daily use, brake pads can operate normally for about 6 months to 1 year, brake lines must be replaced when they are damaged .

brake pad

3. Maintenance of dishes

The wire-pull disc brake is driven by a unilateral disc brake, because this disc deformation will cause the brake system to become ineffective. Therefore, the daily maintenance of electric scooters need to check whether the external body of the disc is attached to extraneous matter when operating, during the use, try to prevent the disc from being affected by external force deformation.

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