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Cancise foldable e-scooter could be the most worry-saving commuter

Sweaty, crowed and choky,I bet you have been tired of the terrible commute for so long. Instead of mourning, have you ever imagined there will be a personal transporter that can relieve all these annoyance?

Here comes the Cancise foldable electric scooter.

First, let’s learn about this e-scooter through a short clip:

Foldable e-scooter is not a novelty. However, not all of them are user-friendly.

Some of them require too many folding steps or have awkward latches that require gorilla hands to open. Others don’t roll well when folded, making it feel like you’re carrying around a filing cabinet.

Cancise provides a fast folding process in which you only need 3 steps to unfold your e-scooter and start you journey.

Cancise foldable e-scooter tech specs

The e-scooter weighs 22 kg ( 48.5 lbs) which means it can provide a smooth drive and can still be lifted if necessary.  

The Cancise e-scooter can even still be rested on the center jack stand, preventing the bike from falling over when the user isn’t holding it.

Combined with a smart Lithium-ion battery controller, the Cancise also features a 350W motor and packs a mighty punch, allowing you to reach speeds up to 30KM/H. It also offers an option of 250W in order to meet street legal regulations in different countries.

The range is listed as up to 75 km ( 46.6 mile) from two 48 V and 7.5 Ah (300 Wh) batteries which are easily removable, but the range will vary depending on the riding mode. With higher assist levels (selectable through a connected smartphone app), expect to see a reduction in range. The e-scooter provides 3 kinds of modes: Manpower mode, power assist mode and electric mode.

Equipped with Zhaoyang 14”1.95H tyres and double disk brakes, it can conquer nearly all of the terrains on the road.  

The multiple suspension system is designed to grip the road well and tackle any terrain.

It features a front and rear light, and the turn signal light, allowing you to be seen at dark.

There is also a LED smart monitor on the handle bar, from which you can check out the speed, the range and other information you need.

What do you think of the Cancise foldable e-scooter? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are interested in Cancise, please contact us:

Mr. Yang Taiping

TEL: +134 2439 6728

E-mail: hfmjc628@163.com

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