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This is the next generation of charger for e-scooter and hoverboard?

In August 2018, Sao Paulo, United States, eight shared e-scooters caught fire while charging in a family garage where there were totally 10 e-scooters and were all burned.

According to the owner, the fire caused a loss of 20,000 of dollars in valuations.

Statistics show that a lot of copycat hoverboard, electric scooters and other electric personal transporters have bad quality with a hidden danger of fire and explosion. 80% of accident happened while charging.

Above all, most problems source from 2 main parts: the battery and the charger.

The improper use of charger and the failure of battery protection board are one of the main causes of accidents. Under normal circumstances when the battery protection board is working properly, even if there is a problem with the charger, it can also play a protective role. But most accident happen because of the breakdown of both parts, including the failure of battery protection board, the improper use of charger or the design defect of the charger.

We know that there are usually two types of chargers, wall Charger, and Desktop Charger .

The former one is for products like computers, mobile phones,

The latter one is for hoverboard, e-scooter and e-bike.

What’s the difference ? It’s said that, chargers for high-power electronic products such as e-bikes and hoverboard, are used to be large and heavy under the consideration of the size and the dissipation of the old electronic components. This kind of charger is too heavy to be in the socket stably.

The desktop charger has some obvious drawbacks. When charging for product like hoverboard, electric cars, electric scooters, 90% of users will put the charger directly on the ground when charging because it is convenient, which may lead to many potential safety hazard:

For example, you may stumble over wires on the ground, or accidentally step on the charger,or the water easily drops or flows to the charger:

There were even incidents where the charger was covered by falling items, resulting in poor heat dissipation that nearly triggers a short circuit.

In this regard, normally manufacturers will remind users  on the use in the instructions. But how many people actually read the instructions?

Therefore, Fuyuandian believes that the essence of business is to serve customers and the innovative value and competitiveness of Fuyuandian can be reflected when they can solve the need of their clients intrinsically. Therefore, only start with the optimization of the charger, can potential safety hazard be reduced and improve the user experience.

With the innovation of technology, electronic components are able to have smaller volume of size and lower heat, which makes a major change in the design structure of the charger, which leads to great changes in charger design structure, making it possible for high-power products to use wall charger. We have introduced in our article previously “dissatisfied with the words of foreign media, this company create the world’s smallest electric vehicle charger”, Fuyuandain has developed a charger whose diameter is equivalent to a coin, and can be applied to a variety of products.

This year, Fuyuandian swiftly optimize and innovate the product line and finally develop Wall Charger for lithium tram products, e-scooter and hoverboard with the effort of nearly 12 research personnels who work for nearly 10 months from 3 R&D center, thoroughly changed the drawbacks of desktop charger products.

There are numerous advantages for hoverboard, e-scooters to use wall charger. First of all, it can reduce the risk that charger is covered, splashed and waded. Wall charger is placed in the position with better ventilation, making it easier to dissipate heat, so that a higher safety.

Secondly, it can reduce the possibility that the charger is unintentionally trampled and stumbling, thus lower the chance of being damaged;

In addition, wall chargers have lower production cost.

Allegedly, a piece of desktop charger AC wire is involved in 3 parts of certification tests, they are the plug end, wire and adapter interface respectively. It takes nearly 30,000USD to cover the certification test fee, as well as the cost of wire, and all this cost will eventually be spread to the consumers.

Since the wall charger doesn’t need the piece of AC wire, its material cost can be reduced a lot, and there is no need to pay for certification test. Therefore, wall charger has the dual advantage of lower cost and more safe, truly realizing the principle of maximizing the right of customers.

Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Adapter Ltd., leader of lithium battery charger industry, provides safe and high-quality power solutions for tens of millions of users to provide. It has been given the identity of United States UL Certification Standards Committee member, Alibaba cross-border e-commerce demonstration base, Shenzhen Baoan Electronic Business Association president units and other honors. What’s more, it has been interviewed by CCTV for 4 times and has won the support and trust from all walks of life.

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