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Review: Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

Maxfind Max 2 Technical Specifications:

Top Speed: 24 mph (38 km/h).

Battery Range: Up to 17 miles (28 km)

Weight: 12-13 lbs (5.5-6.2kg)

Maximum Rider Weight: Tested to 250lbs (110 kg)

Drive System: In-Wheel Direct Drive Technology (Dual rear wheel drive)

Brakes: Electronic Regenerative Braking

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low-Energy

Wheels: 90mm*54mm

Motor: 500W*2

Charge Time: 120 min

Battery: LG 18650 Lithium-ion

Battery Life Cycle: Over 1,000 full charge cycles

Material: Lightweight Composite

Deck Flex: Stiff – designed for speed and stability

Dimensions: 32″ (81cm) x 9″ (24cm)

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网


MAX 2 Board

Bluetooth Remote

Mains Wall Charger

Remote Control Charging  Cable

MaxFind 2 Wrench

Instruction Manual


【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网


The surface of the MaxFind Max 2

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

Traditionally Skateboard surfaces were covered with Emery paper but that caused riders to get scratched easily. Maxfind Max 2 have decided to use a combination of PVC and PEA synthetic material to make an all new rubber anti-slip surface designed to be both slip-resistant and scratch free.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

This surface can be cleaned easily with a cloth.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The Underside of the Maxfind Max 2

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网
【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The Maxfind Max 2 is unique in it’s design, it abandons the conventional looks of electric skateboards as the battery and the controller integrate into the main body of the electric skateboard. This makes it look much more like a regular skateboard. The Maxfind Max 2 has a diamond cut design, inspired by Cadillac and just like the Cadillac, it is made from tough materials whilst remaining lightweight.


【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

Maxfind inform us that the Max 2 is equipped with a professional bridge that was designed by Spanish designers. It uses high-density AISIMg5 which was also used for cars and trains.

The Maxfind Max 2 undergoes a special spraying process to ensure the bracket remains scratch free however you choose to ride it.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网


【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The wheels on the Maxfind Max 2 are 90mm PU wheel.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The maxfind team have informed us that they have increased the size of the motor to 90 MM diameter, using better magnetic steel sheets and copper coils, plus a new motor winding process which allows each motor to reach 500W per wheel, a total of 1000W.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

On each wheel, there is an heat-dissipating Aluminium piece which helps the wheels cool down.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

During the test, we rode for 14 kilometers and it was 32 ° outside, We noticed the wheels only got hot slightly which is due to the Aluminium.

Remote Control

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The Maxfind Max 2’s remote control design is similar to the Nintendo Nunchuk, designed to fit comfortably in your hand for long periods. The remote features a joystick and buttons to control the Maxfind Max 2.

The Maxfind Max 2 also has a Cruise Control feature which stops you from constantly holding the button down while riding. This will make longer journeys much more enjoyable.


The battery and the motherboard are hidden within the body of the Maxfind Max 2.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The Maxfind Max 2’s battery is Tesla’s LG18650 battery. The capacity is 4.4ah. It can be fully charged in 2 hours and has a maximum range of 28km. It is equipped with BMS battery intelligent management system, which protects against over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and short-circuit.

Getting started

The moment you get on to the Maxfind Max 2, you’ll notice the speed immedaitely. Powered by 2 x 500W motors, it is fast, it can reach up to 36 km/h. Once you are familiar with the Maxfind Max 2, you’ll fall in love with it and the power it has.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

Tackling Steep Hills

There is enough power to climb bumps and hills, even if you use the low-speed mode, you can move forward with the speed only slightly lowered.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

As skateboard’s have small wheels, you tend to notice bumps, and potholes more.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

If you ride on a smooth road, the ride experience is enjoyable. The motors are very quiet and unless you are travelling at max speed, utilising the full power of the motors, you won’t even hear the motor, it’ll be like riding a normal skateboard.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网


We tested the Maxfind Max 2. The rider is 62 kg, the outdoor temperature was around about 30 °, we chose a normal urban route. We chose to use the normal gear and use cruise control. We rode 27.89KM till the battery was finished, this is an improvement compared to what other electric skateboards can offer in terms of range.  It seems the Maxfind Max 2 team have cracked how to get the most out of the electric scooter.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网


【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The Maxfind Max 2 IP64 waterproof, which means that you can ride as normal on rainy days and flooded roads.  Since we can’t get it to rain on demand, we simulated a rain test. The charging port for the Maxfind Max 2 is directly under the board covered by a waterproof rubber plug, however it cannot guarantee 100% protection

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The Maxfind Max 2 is equipped with EBS electromagnetic brakes. The brakes could be improved, if you decide to unleash the full power of the Maxfind Max 2, you’ll need to be experienced to bring it under a stop fairly quickly.

The Maxfind Max 2 as a traditional skateboard does is make the wheel bridge swing by the center of gravity offset. The T-wrench can be used to adjust the nut of the bridge to adjust the swing.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

The Maxfind Max 2 is shipped with the bridge swing set moderately, however you can easily adjust this as per your riding style.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网
【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

You can even ride the Maxfind Max 2 sitting down.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

Use the Maxfind Max 2 as your personal carrier.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

Don’t want to ride the Maxfind Max 2, let it ride alongside you.

【唯轮测评】Maxfind Max 2 ,电动滑板中的凯迪拉克!-唯轮网

These need to be improved!

  1. The surface of the remote control is poor
  2. Brakes is too sensitive.


There are three versions to choose from, the SINGLE MOTOR :499 USD,  DUAL MOTOR : 599 USD,  DUAL MOTOR PRO (BLACK):699 USD.

if you want to buy one, please visit:

MaxFind Max 2 Electric Skateboard

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