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Fuyuandian Power Came Up With Innovative Solutions For High Damage Rate Of Overseas Shared Scooters

Electric Scooter sharing gained huge popularity in the US at the beginning of this year.

Companies such as Lime, Bird, Spin and Skip have been trying to grow their presence in both Europe and North America. Several billion dollars worth of revenue was generated in the United States shared economy in just a few months. There have been reports that some shared scooters have entered the European market recently.


While shared scooters have gone through a boom in Europe and the United States, they have met the same fate as the shared bicycles prevalent in the European market. These are heavily used and are piled up indiscriminately

Shared scooters piled up indiscriminately.


Users often throw shared scooters in the dustbin, cut the cable, remove the QR code and remove the handlebars,


even throw it into the sea.


The damage rate of the vehicle is undoubtedly the biggest cost that the shared scooter service providers have to bear. The enterprises do not have a good plan to deal with the continued damages incurred on the shared scooters. The best way is to customize the scooter and parts to reduce the damage rate.

All shared scooters are currently pile-free, meaning that the operator has to recycle them daily to ensure their normal operation. This frequent operational change requires not only quality of the scooter but also needs a good-quality charger.

Taking into account the usage conditions for shared scooters, Fuyuandian Power, a leading brand of smart chargers, recently customized solutions to reduce the power loss rate of shared scooters.


Fuyuandian Power engineers used the Wire-hoisting or weight swaying experiment and created a simulation to check whether the power wire and the terminal of the shared scooter have normal electrical performance, as open circuits and poor contacts normally happen after thousands of bending and folding. Only when the product is swayed and simulated strictly, the actual user’s bending and twisting operations in the actual use environment can be effectively guaranteed, and the product performance consistency can be maintained.

The engineers of Fuyuandian Power also conducted vibration experiment, which is a simulation of the shared scooter power, to see whether the product still maintained good performance in the transport environment and whether it encounters performance impacts in various bad road conditions, such as uneven, muddy pits, falls and bumps.
Salt spray experiment is another experiment which was conducted by Fuyuandian Power engineers to simulate the metal components on the power supply of the shared scooter, such as AC inserts, as they wanted to check whether the appearance gets tainted. Good connection performance is now guaranteed through the seaside seawater, sprinkling of sewage, splash of various kinds of acid and alkali drinks.


If a product does not pass the salt spray test, and if it meets the acid-base environment, the AC pin will rust, and finally it will catch fire, which will lead to fire hazards.

The experiment of high and low temperature humidity is to simulate whether the sharing of scooter power remains normal during electrical performance in different actual environments, such as high temperature environment, low temperature environment and high humidity environment, etc.

The products which have not passed the experiment have the risk of stopping work in the harsh environment conditions such as excessive humidity, high temperature, subzero temperature, and even in the high temperature environment, in no output situations, fire and other fatal and hidden dangers.

This simulation experiment scheme basically covered the normal and extreme usage conditions of the shared scooter power supply at present. The power supply detected by this scheme can cope with the daily operation and greatly reduce the maintenance cost.


Fuyuandian Power is a power supplier for many top-notch brands in the intelligent walking industry. It provides thousands of users with safe and high quality power supply solutions. Their products have complete standard certification.Their products have complete standard certification. This company is also the hoverboard UL standard Technical Panel Member.  The mission of Fuyuandian Power is to make the safest charger in the world.
At the same time, it is the only supply chain member of the Inaugural Conference of China-US Electric Self-balancing Scooter Standards Harmonization Working Group.

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Phone Number: 86-13430403862
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