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this segway hoverboard is here to transform your commute

some people want a segway, some people want a hoverboard and then there’s some people, just some people, who want both. well the hoverboard 2.0 is here offering that greedy, futuristic and versatile mode of transport.

all images courtesy of nikhil kapoor

emphasising the small details and enhancing the use of modern technology with a minimal design language, the hoverboard 2.0 centres itself around a retractable steering column which holds the main console. when retracted it becomes a full fledged handle which can be used to maneuver the hoverboard transforming into a segway.

designed by a team of designers, nikhil kapoor, pragya charu manihar and ujwal I.K., the hoverboard 2.0 comes with a third wheel placed in the centre to improve the stability and maneuverability of the hoverboard. two screens show the status of the board and are seamlessly placed providing a clear view during the two steering modes. a RGB LED strip is integrated along the wheel arch, that helps in notifying and indicating to commuters around it by creating an ambient customized color.


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