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Electrification Shift Picks Up Pace

DIEREN, the Netherlands – It will still take some years but eventually more e-bikes than conventional bicycles will be produced in Europe. The electrification shift is picking up pace every year, as was recently underlined by Dutch Royal Gazelle.

Recently the company celebrated that its production crossed the 15 million mark. Currently Gazelle’s production stands at some 250,000 annually with an ever increasing number of e-bikes. And Gazelle is certainly not the only manufacturer that is shifting towards making more and more electric bicycles.

Still huge difference

Looking at the ‘official’ numbers than it becomes evident that there’s still a huge difference between what’s been made in Europe now in conventional bicycles and in e-bikes. 2016 production stood at some 11 to 12 million bicycles while e-bike production was estimated at only 1.2 million; a number which is widely seen as a far too low. But as sales of electric bicycles in an increasing number of forms (for instance e-MTBs and speed pedelecs) is growing year on year in various markets in Europe with double digit numbers, also the production is growing rapidly.

Broader audience

At Gazelle in the Netherlands 35% of the total production currently consists of e-bikes. The company said in a statement on reaching the 15 million milestone “We will soon be producing even more e-bikes than regular bicycles. The electrification makes the bicycle a serious alternative for many trips. The average commuting distance, for example, is 15 kilometers. With the electric bike and speed pedelec, these and even longer distances can easily be bridged. Especially now with more choices in financing – you can buy or lease – electric bikes are becoming interesting for an even broader audience.”.

65% of all bicycle sales

Dutch Gazelle is not the only manufacturer in Europe that soon will be producing more e-bikes than regular bicycles. Accell Group – market leader in e-bikes in Europe – saw during the first half of 2017 its sales in e-bikes money-wise rise to 60% of the total turnover the holding company makes with its bicycle sales. And that in about five years more e-bikes than conventional bicycles will be produced in Europe is also underlined by a recent statement from Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer who said that eventually e-bikes will account for 65% of all bicycle sales.

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