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electric vehicle industry on Global Sources Exhibition

Wheelive attend the Global Sources Exhibition at Asiaworld Expo. The Hong Kong fair is one of the most popular fair, attracting visitors from around the world, connecting buyers to Asian suppliers. The Hong Kong Fair was between 11-14 October 2017.
This year the Hong Kong Fair had a number of Electric Vehicle Supplier exhibiting their products, with more than 50 exhibitors. We’ll tell you exactly what we saw at the Hong Kong Fair.
The first booth we saw was Samrtmey. Smartmey created the first jumping hoverboard. Smartmey had a booth that stood out amongst the rest, built bespoke to them, it was no surprise they were attracting buyers with their new one wheel motor and a new folding scooter which weighs the same as a 6.5” hoverboard, accompanied by a smartphone APP.

it also has an intelligent app.

The next booth we came across was from GYROOR.GYROOR promoted three different items. The famous F1 which is the fastest hoverboard in the world, a new mini electric unicycle, electric folding scooters and e-skateboards all were on display which made their booth busy as buyers were interested to find out more.

the famous F1 hoverboard, well know on youtube as the fastest hoverboard in the world!

the new mini electric unicyle

the electric folding scooters

the e-skateboards.

Other exhibitors included UI Smart who introduced some interesting designed hoverboard & e-motors.

new hoverboard from freeman

the e-drift board

IFans gained great attention by their Kiwano hoverboard & this year have got Lamborghini authorisation and will release an official Lamborghini hoverboard. This will be inspired by Lamborghini both in design and speed, Ifans reps said that the retail price will be about $750.

the maxwheel booth

Luteway is a brand known for their e-bikes, who are working to find solutions for travelling short distances efficiently. The feel was that the designed attracted a lot of attention, they currently have 2 products within their range, the first being a smart bike and the other being electric mountain bi

new products from KOOWHEEL


The YJC brand is focused on the development of electric scooter which excite us. We were told that there are some innovative plans in the future; one design is that the front and rear wheel will adopt a single shaft design, which is for aesthetic but also for practicality as this reduce the constant need for maintenance. The single shaft design will require a sold frame, it will be interesting if they are able to pull this off & we look forward to testing this. The scooter will also use the Balance Board gyroscope which enables you to control the direction of the scooter by using your body weight. The folding structure is simplified and reinforced, unlike other scooters who put a folding buckle to reduce stress.

new folding scooter from HX


The hottest e-bike this year from DYU

more booths

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