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The Halo Board was the First and is Still the Best

There are few things cooler than an electric skateboard, except maybe a flying car which is decades away from happening. We have dreamed about it since we were kids and had the worst trouble trying to ride a standard skateboard.

Even today, when I reminisce about first trying to learn how to ride a skateboard my butt starts hurting at the thought of falling all those times. I remember kicking my brother’s board and yelling “scooters are motorized, why can’t these be?”

Thankfully, here in the 21st century there are many ways to travel around without being in a car or motorcycle while you pollute our air. There are countless numbers of electric one-person vehicles ranging from hoverboards, segways, and now electric skateboards.

Electric skateboards began with the amazing Halo Board and there have been many ripoffs and would-be competitors that have tried to capitalize on this concept. However, the unique Halo Board still reigns supreme because of its unwillingness to cut corners.

The highest quality skateboard

Since its release, the Halo Board has been featured on C-net, the New York Times, and Mashable. It has also been awarded “best electric skateboard of 2017” by a multitude of websites such as Slant, Biz Journal, and TechGearLabs.com.

Halo Board’s accolades come thanks to their stellar partnerships with UPS who provide free shipping to their customers as well as Bluetooth for their remotes and LG who designed their patented fire safe batteries; a huge problem with Amazon hoverboards.

The Halo Board is 100% carbon fiber which makes it both lightweight and incredibly durable. Carbon fiber makes the Halo Board a mind-blowing 14 pounds which is astonishing when you consider how much technology it holds. The damage resistant coating and the board itself are of the highest quality and are indestructible.

Inside the super slim board is one of the smallest, yet most powerful, engines found in electric skateboards. The dual in-HUB motors provide a whopping 3,000 watts of power to enable the board to travel at speeds of up to 22 MPH.

The LG battery lets you travel an amazing 12 miles which for me felt like forever the first time and even now I find it is more than enough juice to get me where I need to go; and back. The Halo Board even goes up hills with ease up to a 25% grade which is basically a wheelchair ramp; that was a fun test.

One of my favorite features is the remote, because it is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly responsive. As a gamer, the Bluetooth remote makes me feel like I am in a video game and controlling my board’s actions while running my local errands.

One of the biggest problems with most electric skateboards (and all hoverboards) are the brakes. I fully expected the brakes to come to a shockingly jarring halt once pressed, but was rather smooth. It was the perfect balance because it wasn’t so sudden that my body jerked, but not so slow that I felt in danger either.

I’ve had the honor of owning this board for some time now and it has held up nicely. Even now, as I glance across the room at my board which sits near my golf clubs, it looks brand new out of the package aside from a little dirt on the wheels.

Great service and great word-of-mouth

I have had zero problems with my Halo Board after much use, but others have had issues that have been quickly resolved. A verified buyer named George chose to drive his Halo Board in some sketchy terrain and the rear wheels ended up damaged, but Halo had him back riding in only two days.

A good percentage of Halo customers ride their boards to work everyday and are proud of the fact that it still works perfectly. Just look at their on-site reviews and you will see that they care by the simple fact that they respond to nearly review with appreciation or answers to their customers’ concerns.

Halo’s products are used some of the most powerful celebrities in Hollywood such as Martha Stewart, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Jamie Fox who rode his hoverboard onto the stage of the Jimmy Fallon show.

It is easy to see how Halo is taking the electric board industry by storm and is on the cutting edge of advanced technology. I love my board to the point where I’m thinking of getting one for my daughter so she doesn’t go joyriding on mine when I’m sleeping in on Sunday.



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