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Boosted gets a new CEO as the company tries to grow beyond electric skateboards

Boosted, the company known for making the best all-electric longboards on the market, is changing up its executive ranks. Founder Sanjay Dastoor is stepping down from the CEO role and into a position on the company’s board of directors. In his place, Jeff Russakow — an executive who’s spent time at Yahoo, Symantec, and Adobe, to name a few — is the new CEO of Boosted.

Russakow spoke exclusively with The Verge ahead of the announcement (he’ll also be doing a Reddit AMA today at 1PM ET). But before he discussed the future of the company, he made sure to address the battery-pack-sized elephant in the room.

“First things first,” he says, the extended range battery — which was promised way back in August 2016 and can effectively double the Boosted Board’s range — is “going to be coming out shortly as promised.” Russakow wouldn’t say any more than what customers have already heard; the pack is supposed to be shipping sometime in the next few months. But he wanted to reassure that the product wasn’t being left by the wayside. “I know people have been waiting a long time for that,” he says.

Now, as far as what the change in guard means for the company, Russakow says that fans and customers shouldn’t worry about Boosted being pulled in a totally new direction. “The big picture is Boosted is just growing at a fantastic clip,” Russakow explains. His taking over as CEO will allow Dastoor and John Ulmen, Boosted’s CTO, to “return to the areas that they they most like to focus on,” giving them more time to foster the growing community and press harder on product innovation.

“The mission of the company is exactly the same. Fun, fast, simple transportation,” Russakow says. “The company is just doing splendiferously well, and we’re looking forward to an exciting roadmap of many new form factors of light vehicles and other cool stuff.”

via: theverge  @MikeWehner

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