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Motorcycle butcher turns BMW electric scooter into street demon

The BMW C Evolution “maxi-scooter” is a somewhat mundane vehicle, at least in terms of appearance. It’s a rather generic combination of shiny plastic with bright accents, and its electric motor cranks out a modest 48 horsepower and 53 lb-ft of torque, with a top speed of 80 miles per hour and a range of 99 miles. It’s not the kind of thing that will cause necks to snap if it were to pull up at a stop light, but motorcycle enthusiast Rolf Reick of Germany-based Krautmotors saw potential, and he turned it into this:

This is the “E-lisabad,” and Reick named it after his grandmother. It was apparently her antique tea set that served as inspiration for the bike’s design.

Like a cross between a scooter and a stealth bomber, the vehicle is a complete reimagining of BMW’s original design. Gone are the rounded body panels and almost cartoonish accents, and in their place are dark angles, shadow, and bare metal.

The bike still sports the same get-up-and-go as the stock scooter, but has rearranged some of the electrical components and changed the position of the dashboard to better suit the new setup. He’s also yanked out the bump-dampening shock absorbers in favor of a more responsive ride, and swapped out the handlebars.

The design is certainly an acquired taste, and there will surely be just as many people who hate the look as adore it, but it’s undeniably unique. Reick is planning on showing off his creation at the Glemseck 101 festival which will take place in Germany in September.

via: Mike Wehner

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