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The AK1 from Chanson – the most innovative electric scooter so far

The AK1 by Chanson is an electric bike that is game changing. Recently we have seen a variety of companies all releasing an electric scooter, but truth be told, they are all very similar. Choosing between them is a tough ask since no one has really innovated. That was until Chanson released the AK1.

What makes the AK1 a breath of fresh air is the realisation that it won’t be replacing a Car, but rather complementing it. Therefore out goes the philosophy to make it lightweight and portable and in comes true innovation. The AK1 weighs a whopping 22KG but that’s because their priority was practically and ride comfort, weight was a secondary issue.

To minimise the impact of such a heavy scooter, they decided to automate folding and unfolding. Simply press a button to fold and press the button again to unfold. The team at Chanson said they were inspired by the Transformers as they transition from one thing to another.

The AK1 is all about comfort. You know comfort is a key principle once you experience the seat. The large leather seat is padded with cushion so you’ll remain comfortable for however you long you ride the AK1. The AK1 12inch Cheng Sin Tires with front and rear shock absorbers, again understanding that road surfaces differ around the world and that reliability and comfort is paramount.

Riding an electric scooter without front and rear shock absorbers nor decent quality tires is akin to riding a push bike over a road full of pot holes. You’ll be shaking and in discomfort as you ride along, thankfully the AK1 gives you the riding performance of a car, allowing you to maneuverer different road conditions easily.

The AK1 is fast, simply put, powered with a brushless 350W electric motor. You have access to 3 gears, allowing you to reach up to 30KM/H, more than enough as you zip to work, shopping or for a coffee with friends. What’s more is that, it is equipped with an state of the art anti theft technology which locks the motors should it be touched by someone before it is unlocked and sounds an alarm.

The loud noise is bound to attract attention and disturb any potential thieves. Locking and unlocking is similar to the competing electrics scooters in the market, that is via an electric fob. The illuminating display again is similar and so too is the range of the bike, however one additional feature is that you are able to double your range by adding an additional feature, That is a bonus when you know you won’t have an opportunity to recharge when you are outside.

If you are looking for a electric scooter with more power, and range and charactristics of a motorbike without spending the money of a motorbike, then the AK1 might be the right choice for you.

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